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Key Switch: Chord and Song Transposer

Transpose songs and chords to any key ... or to Roman numbering.

With Key Switch music transposition software you can:

  • transpose song sheets (lyrics and chords) to a different key. See example
  • transpose chord charts and chord progressions, like: C7 - F7 - Bb7 - Eb7 - Ab6
  • transpose text-based scales, like:  A B C# D E F# G#

Now, anything you can type or paste you can transpose to a new key! Free!


Explore any instrument, any tuning ... any chord, arpeggio, progression, scale or mode.
Understand popular guitar tunings like EADGBE, DADGAD, DADF#AD, DGDGBD.
Learn about and visualize unusual techniques, like Partial Capo.


Soprano, Concert and Tenor Ukulele chords


Sound Thinking — Scenes

Now you can view demonstrations of scales • modes • scale comparisons

chords • voicings • inversions • chord progressions • the effects of a capo
the CAGED concept • stringed instrument comparisons 
experimental tunings and ficticious instruments


Create and share your own scenes!



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