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  Looking for: Flex developer, Flash and Flash Builder tutor, ActionScript 3 tutor

Must be fluent with ActionScript 3.0 in Flex 4 and Flash Builder CS4/5 environments.

Developers will be expected to:

Helpful developer experience:

Tutoring Qualifications:

  Example Flex 3 Projects

Here are a few existing Flex projects listed below from simplest to most complex. These projects are presently complete or at a good resting point:
Simple animated logos:



   Flex development projects

Here's the basic layout of a new music education project. It's a simple board game that teaches the letter names of the staff lines. The board and other objects are designed entirely with Illustrator. This means that all project assets will be vector objects, symbols and SWFs, and are readily scalable without loss of image quality.


The game is quite simple. After spinning for a letter, a player moves his or her note along the path to the next line or space that matches that letter.

The present agenda for this board game project is:

Here is an early design/prototype of the Game Spinner (early design):

And the specification for the spinner design:

Here are a few of the unmet goals:

• Click the thumb (or press s) to make a spin of random intensity

• Drag the thumb downward to make a clockwise spin (the arrow winds counterclockwise slightly as you drag)

• On mouseUp the arrow spins — harder for long drags and softer for short drags

• Drag the thumb upward to make a counterclockwise spin, and the arrow winds clockwise slightly as you drag.


This is part-time or occasional work, but could develop into regular contract work. If you want or need to work on site, mornings or evenings are best, and occasional Saturday is possible too.


You'll work as independent contractor, so you'll be paid by project. Agreed amount is paid upon completion of project specification, approximately in the $30 to $60 per hour range, depending on skill and experience. For large projects you'll be paid as milestones are met. For tutoring we'll work out an hourly rate, between $20 and $40 per hour.


Johnfdv ( at )

Please email resume. Send links to any games or applications you have running online.


Tags: Flash designer, Flash/Flex tutor, ActionScript 3.0 tutor, FlashBuilder and Flex developer, RIA development (Rich Internet Application development) — Part-time school break, or summer job, possible continuing work opportunities, in Walnut Creek, California (located in Contra Costa County, CA) — 14 minutes from Oakland or Berkeley in Alameda County. 30 minutes from San Francisco.