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Encore 5 Review: Music Notation Software (by Gvox)

If you need high quality scores, and you want to get up to speed quickly, then Encore may be the ideal music notation software for for you. Encore 5 delivers 90% to 95% of the features of the top music notation software competitors, such as Finale or Sibelius, yet it's much easier to learn and far friendlier to use. The meticulous quality of Encore's printed scores equals or exceeds the caliber of any leading notation software. It's quick, lean, and sells for roughy 2/3 the cost of the top competitors.  — Click to read the full Encore 5 review ...

The Macintosh version of Encore 5 was released in early 2008, the Windows version of Encore 5was released in early 2009.

Here are screenshots of some sample scores I've created with Encore:

Bach — BWV 1010: Cello Suite No. 4, Bouree No. 2 (arr. for guitar)

Bach — BWV 248: Break Forth O Beauteous Heavenly Light

Sandy Boys — a traditional American fiddle tune

Sandy Boys — using the NorMusic handwritten notation font

Here are a couple of Flash movies and a PDF of Prelude No. 2, BWV 934. Each provides a close up view of Encore's precision. (The first Flash movie includes audio, the second is silent):

Bach — Prelude No. 2, from Six Little Preludes — Flash with audio

Bach — Prelude No. 2, from Six Little Preludes — Flash without audio

Bach — Prelude No. 2, from Six Little Preludes — PDF

Music Notation Software Companies (a list of contenders in the field):

      - Encore, MusicTime -
      - Finale, Allegro, G7-
      - Harmony Assistant - (Myriad)
      - Lilypond -
      - Logic -
      - MagicScore -
      - Melody Assistant - (Myriad)
      - MIDINotate
      - Mozart -
      - MusEdit -
      - Music Publisher - (Braeburn)
      - Nightengale - (Adept Music Notation Solutions)
      - NoteWorthy Composer -
      - Notion, Progression (for Guitar)
      - Overture -
      - Personal Composer -
      - QuickScore -
      - Score -
      - ScoreWriter -
      - Sibelius -

Tablature and ABC music notation software

      - BarFly -
      - The ABC Music Project -
      - ABC Convert-A-Matic -


      - GuitarPro -
      - PowerTab -
      - TablEdit -


       More information at:

Music Notation Exchange Languages

Music XML (by Recordare, pronounced "re-cor-DAR-ray")

The MusicMXL XML file format provides a music notation interchange standard. It triumphs where NIFF (Notation Interchange File Format) failed. A significant part of it's success is its widespread adoption, making it today's de facto industry standard, and probably the standard for some time to come.

MusicXML allows sharing of music notation between MusicXML-ready music notation applications ... but it has other potential as well. Click to read full article on MusicXML ...


MusicXML Article




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