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Transpose chords online, for free!

About KeySwitch song tranposer

Key Switch is a simple and powerful chord transposer web app, and it's free to use!

Key Switch may already be running in the panel on the right, with its "Welcome to Key Switch" window open.

If you don't see the "Welcome to Key Switch" window please read about what to do.

For general information see the Key Switch User Guide.

Get started with Sample Songs

Here's the easiest way to get started with Key Switch and begin transposing chords and songs.

Choose a song from the "Try a Sample Song" menu. The selected song will immediately open in its own window in Key Switch's main workspace. Changing the key of the sample song click is simple. In the Key Picker panel, click one of the buttonssuch as A, Bb, B. That's it in a nutshell.

Transposing your music and chords

Alternately you can enter your own songs and chord charts—and that's the real point! To do so, click the Start a New Song button (or if KeySwitch is already open, click the New Song icon, the one with the + sign.)

Key Switch's "New Song" wizard escorts you through entering your song and setting its base key (i.e. identifying the correct key of the song. Key Switch needs to know the correct key in order to transpose with correct grammar.)

To enter your song:

  • press the Start a New Song button (if you're at the Welcome window.)
  • to add your own song from the main workspace, click the New Song button (the button with the + icon).

Either action opens the New Song wizard. After completing the wizard's three steps you'll be able to freely transpose your song.

KeySwitch rocks ... and is rock solid!

KeySwitch has been around for quite a while, long before the various sites that allow you to transpose their versions of song sheets.

The advantages of KeySwitch are that you can:

  • enter your own song sheets (you're not stuck with the ones that a particular site provides)
  • edit the lyrics and chords on the fly
  • view song sheets in Roman numbering
  • benefit from KeySwitch's perfect music grammar. It will not pointlessly transpose an F chord to an E#.

Key Switch chord transposing User Guide

Key Switch is easy to understand and operate, especially if you already have a grasp of transposing chords. So you might not even need to peek, but the Key Switch User Guide is a handy, in-depth resource. Though somewhat extensive, it's not entirely complete at present. We'll update Key Switch and its documentation on a continuing basis. That's a priority. Anyway, there's plenty of documentation to get you goin'. (Sorry that it's a bit rough and redundant in its current state!)

Adobe Flash Player does not run on an iPhone or iPad and that means Key Switch cannot run on those devices. Read more about Apple and Flash.

Contact us

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Known Issues & Notes

  • If the KeySwitch panel (to the right) panel is mostly dark gray KeySwitch is waiting for you to allow it to run via Adobe FlashPlayer. Here are some steps to take to allow flashPlayer:
  • Look for an "Allow" "Allow now" or "Activate" button near your browser's toolbar and click it to allow Adobe FlashPlayer to run.
  • If KeySwitch still doesn't start or you can't find the "Allow" button, scroll the window up or down until you see the "Active Adobe Flash" button. Click that and then scroll up to use KeySwitch. You'll know you've succeeded when you see the Welcome to KeySwitch window.
  • If you have continuing trouble try using the Key Switch's full screen version. It's exactly the same app, but without this sidebar information.
  • Most current browsers display and run Key Switch as intended. However it will only run in desktop browsers—because Adobe no longer develops FlashPlayer for mobile devices. KeySwitch is way better than most of the chord transposing apps for mobile, so use it on your desktop/laptop when you can.
  • Key Switch will automatically run when you visit this page, but only if you have the Flash Player browser plug-in (version 9 or later) installed and enabled on your computer. Fortunately Flash Player is installed on most computers. However some browsers now block FlashPlayer unless you specifically "allow" it to run, and this may require two or three clicks when you visit this page.
  • If you have Flash Player installed but you don't see Key Switch to the right of this panel, please read this. If Flash Player is not installed on system you can download Adobe Flash Player from Adobe's site. It's free and only takes a minute to get it and install.
  • Apple has intentionally blocked Flash from running on iOS devices (the iPhone, iPads, and iPod Touch.) This stance is likely to continue until Apple and Adobe resolve their disputes. Subsequently Adobe stopped developing Flash for Android and other mobile devices. However some older mobile devices have Flash installed, or you can choose to install it. With Flash installed on your mobile device you can run Key Switch on it. But otherwise you'll need to run it on a computer. Or wait until we rewrite Key Switch for non-Flash mobile devices.

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