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Key Switch chord transposer works with:

  • lyrics and chords from text documents
  • song sheets that you find the web
  • chords and lyrics you type or paste into Key Switch
  • any text-based song sheet


What Key Switch doesn't do:

  • Key Switch does not allow you to change the pitch of an audio recording (not yet anyway.) If you want to change the pitch or speed of an audio recording read this article about Transcribe!


It's really easy to use:

  • You don't have to understand music theory, scales or keys to change keys with Key Switch.
  • Once you've set the initial key any other key is a single click away.
  • Transposer intelligently guesses to determine the original key—and it's pretty good at that—so usually you just need to know the name of the key you want to transpose to.


It's informative and educational:

  • If you already know how to transpose music, Transposer will save you time ... and it eliminates those pesky, inevitable errors. Just get it done.
  • Transpose alphabetical chords (like D G A) to Roman numbering (I IV V). Or do the opposite: transpose from Roman numbering to any key.

Why transpose songs?

The answer is usually singability, playability or creativity, or a combination of those factors.

  • Singability: If the key is outside your vocal range, it's unsingable. But you can fix that by changing the key.
  • Playability: Most instruments prefer a certain range of keys. For instance, horns like flat keys, and strings like sharp keys. Something written in the key of B (five sharps) is really going to challenge a tenor sax player, but the same player will love the piece if you transpose it a half step lower to the key of Bb (2 flats)
  • Creativity: When you change key a whole new range of possibilities and limitations may appear. Even limitations can spur creativity. Sometime you may want to transpose to make your creativity easier; other times you might want to challenge yourself and see what solutions occur if you try an unusual or unfamiliar key.


Example transpositions:

  • Click to see Wayfaring Stranger (traditional) before and after transposition, and see it transposed to Roman numbering.
  • Here's Slumber My Darling (Stephen Foster) before and after transposing.
  • Transpose guitar chords, any chord progression, chord collection, or scale. Type or paste in chords, and lyrics if you want. Choose the new key, and you're done.
  • You'll find a menu of sample songs built-into Key Switch. They offer a simple test drive.



Ukulele/Guitar tip:

Guitar chords and ukulele chords have more in common than most people realize. An experienced guitar accompanist actually knows plenty about ukulele chords ... though he or she may be completely unaware.

Key Switch allows you to instantly transpose any ukulele chord chart to a guitar perspective—this allows you to 'think guitar' while learning to play ukulele. Read more about playing ukulele chords ... from guitar to ukulele! And visa versa, if you play uke and want to venture into guitar, you'll have a lot of applied knowledge. Either way the secret is a simple transposition, and Key Switch can help.

With the recent resurgence of interest in ukulele, sooner or later, a guitarist is likely to find an ukulele in their hands. If this happens to you, you'll easily be able to leverage your guitar intelligence toward instantly understanding the Ukulele.

Transpose music with Key Switch

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