Rose Room — by Harry Williams (1917)

Song: Rose Room
Author: Harry Williams, 1917

The Genius of the Electric Guitar (Charlie Christian) This is one hot album.

Rose Room (Album Version "Ken Burns")

Performance: Benny Goodman Sextet
Key: Ab Major

Benny Goodman

Charlie Christian

Teddy Wilson

Lionel Hampton

Fletcher Henderson

Key: Ab Major
Timing: 4/4 (swing)

As played on recording of with Benny Goodman Sextet with Charlie Christian ...

Key of Ab / Roman Numbering


Public domain (All songs written before 1923 and all performances recorded before 1923 are in the public domain.)

Rose Room

Key of Ab

Verse: Bb7 Eb7 Ab6 |
Ab7 | Db6 |
Dbm7 | Ab6 - G7, Gb7 F7
Bb7 | Eb7 |
Chorus: Bb7 Eb7 Ab6 |
Ab7 | Db6 |
Dbm7 | Ab6 - G7, Gb7 F7
Bb7 Eb7 Ab6 |

Rose Room

Key: Roman numbering


II7                V7               I6               |

I7                |                 IV6             |

IVm7               |                 I6 - VII7, bVII7 VI7

II7               |                 V7               |


II7              V7                I6               |

I7                |                IV6               |

IVm7               |                 I6 - VII7, bVII7 VI7

II7                V7                I6                |


Rose Room

Here's the recording of Rose Room as played on the Charlie Christian album, on youTube. (This is a photo montage, not a video.)


Rose Room and Honeysuckle Rose

Here's a video of Rose Room on youTube, with Louis Stewart providing scads of guitar genius, and Benny Goodman leading the band. The second half of the video is the same band playing Honeysuckle Rose.