Sound Thinking Chord Finder

A virtual chord book and scale guide.
It's visual music theory for stringed instruments.


And it's free. Nothing to download or install.

Chord finder, chord calculator, chord dictionary,
chord charts, call it what you like ...

Finally an intelligent, elegant, organized, visual way to study and explore
chords, chord diagrams, arpeggios, progressions, voicings, fingerings.
An enlightened approach for practicing scales and modes.


Works with any stringed instrument, in any tuning:

Guitar, mandolin, fiddle, banjo, dobro, violin, bass, ukulele,
and all sorts of classical, traditional, international and exotic instruments.

  • Explore popular altered guitar tunings like
  • Understand the similarities between instruments and tunings,
    like guitar and ukelele.
  • Learn about special techniques like Partial capo, and Partial DADGAD



Sound Thinking Chord and Scale Encyclopedia Box

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