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When you're ready to shop at please enter through a link on this page, like this one, or from a link on either of my music websites. When you do so (and if you complete your order during the same visit) Amazon rewards my referral by crediting me a small percentage of your entire purchase.

I certainly appreciate it. And it helps me keep my music education sites afloat!

Rest assured, your prices and shipping costs are the same regardless, and the transaction is handled completely and directly by Amazon—everything works just like normal. There's nothing more to it.

So please bookmark this page and use the search tool on the right to go to Amazon when you're ready to shop and purchase.

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The rest of this page provides a thorough expanation for anyone with a deeper curiosity about all this.

Similar relationships

You may have encountered similar requests in the past. For instance, perhaps your child's school encourages you to enter Amazon through their website. That's because Amazon rewards the school when you do so. My relationship with Amazon works the same way.

Why I set up this arrangement

Originally I created a few web pages to provide links to help my students locate lesson materials, music accessories, music merchandise not readily available in local stores, and to help eliminate confusion among dozens of similar online choices.

This proved helpful to everyone and people got the correct merchandise and a simplified shopping experience ... with a reliable vendor that offers great shipping options. And if you sign up for an Amazon Prime you get free two day shipping, low cost one-day shipping, and significant perks like Amazon's extensive Prime Music and Prime Video libraries. Click to read about and get an Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

As it turned out, as I began setting up links, I discovered I could strike up a relationship with Amazon and began earning referral fees. And here's the best part: I get a referral fee for ANY item you purchase and you don't have to buy anything listed on my site.

Making it work

When you're ready to buy something from Amazon and want ensure my "cut":

  1. Enter Amazon through this link, through the Amazon Search tool on this page, via any lins at the top of this page, through any ad in the right column, or though any of the product links on my web pages: or
  2. Once at Amazon use its search tool to locate items you want to buy. Move around Amazon freely, but don't close exit Amazon until you're done as that will disrupt the process.
  3. Then complete your purchase. After adding items to your cart be sure to checkout (i.e. complete your purchase) before leaving Amazon's site. In other words, don't close your browser window after adding items to your cart; don't wait to make your purchase another day. Doing so disrupts the process and removes the benefit.

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Thanks. I really do appreciate it!!

Here are a few web pages that I've created for my music students, chock full of information and links:

Recommended Reading
Recommended Listening
Recommended Music Accessories
An Introduction to Partial Capo

My websites are: (music lessons and workshops) (my music education site)


To make it work:

Use the "search tool" below to find an item on Amazon—this will take you directly to Amazon's site. If you don't see the search tool, or other ads on this page, just click this link to shop at Amazon.

Once there just shop normally, using Amazon's search field to find other items. Be sure to checkout when you're done. That's it!
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Amazon Prime Shipping

If you shop regularly on Amazon you may want to consider Amazon Prime for Free two-day shipping of Amazon purchases for up to four family members. Read about Amazon Prime and get a Free 30-Day Trial!

Some of My Favorite Things

Here's alist of some great stuff I've stumbled upon!

Amazon Echo with Alexa voice control is amazing. I've enjoyed my Echo more than I'd ever have guessed!

Make a request like, "Alexa, play popular music." In a matter of seconds you're listening to popular hits from your Amazon Prime. Alexa is not limited to audio from Amazon Prime or Amazon Music. She can play your music from your Spotify account or you Pandora stations. Say "Alexa, thumb ups" or "skip" and she'll rate or skip songs. Just configure your accounts in the Alexa app on your mobile device.

Ask Alexa to start a timer while you're cooking—you'll be surprised how handy that is when your hands are full and you're moving fast. Or ask all sort of questions like, "How many ounces in a quart?"

Alexa can report the weather forcast, play radio stations including breaking news on NPR or PBS, read audio books, tell a joke, and play Jeopardy. Get close and whisper, "Alexa, Simon Says: 'What are you kids doing in there!" If you're clever (and others don't hear you whisperimg the request) it can be quite hilarious. When Alexa repeats your phrase she sounds like an active family member.

And if you buy Echo-compatible lights and thermostat Alexa give you verbal over those appliances from home or and control your Alexa enabled device remotely from your mobile device.

AeroPress Coffee & Espresso Maker

This simple device makes the best coffee. When I serve coffee brewed with the AeroPress that's what everyone says! The result is smooth, rich, flavorful, less acidic, and it's a less caffeinated cup.

The AeroPress is basically a French press but with disposable paper filters that keep the fine grind out of your cup.

And you can't beat it for travel. It's small and easy to pack. On the road you just need is hot water, ground coffee, and a mug—and milk or cream if you want. Perfect for the hotel or camping.

The Thera Cane Massager

Who's going to massage that knot in your back, the back of your neck, or that aching spot beneath your shoulder blade? You can easily to do it yourself with the Thera Cane. You'll be able to precisely target most any kind of soreness or tightness. Great for computer fatigue.

It's surprisingly easy to use and incredibly effective. I pick it up while reading email or web pages. Fifteen minutes later I find I'm still using, without even thinking about it, and my back feels great. There's something intuitive about it.

Looks silly. Works great! And small enough to fit in a suitcase.

Read more about the Thera Cane here.

ItalModern Bungie Office Chair

Highly recommended for a reliable office chair. I've never found a chair as comfortable, simple, quiet, and long lasting as this (and I've tried various office chairs priced between $80 and $400.)

I hesitated at first, worrying that the bungies would stretch or tear, but my chair is in perfect condition after four years of everyday all day use. And best of all, it has developed NO annoying squeaks or creaks!

This model comes with arms, but they are easily removable. There's also a model without arms that costs about approximately $50 less! And if you're looking for a some flair this chair is available in an array of vibrant colors.

Stretching–30th Anniversary Edition

This is a great book for people who want to stay healthy and flexible, and for those who need to stretch properly to recover from an injury ... or to address a loss of mobility.

In the first few pages Bob Anderson succinctly explains the importance of avoiding stretch-reflex. This approach yeilds better results, it makes stretching a much more pleasant and very safe.

Look on a physical therapist's bookshelf you'll probably find some edition of this book. It has endured the test of time, and it's now revised in a 30th anniversary edition.

Anderson's book is thorough, detailed, well- illustrated, and yet quite accessible to the layperson.

Anderson's book is highly recommended for anyone who wants the health benefits of stretching, and provides sage advice on stretching effectively, so you don't veer into counter-productive directions by invoking the "stretch reflex." (One potential drawback is that the does not identify very many muscles by name. But then, most people don't really need to know...)

Bormioli Rocco Bistro Shot Glasses

These are simply the best shot glasses! Elegant, substantial, and worthy of anything you might want to imbibe straight up, or ya could add ahalf-moon ice cube or two.

They are probably taller than you might think—the photo shows a glass with a single shot.

Wonderful weight, and perfect clarity after years of use and dishwasher cleaning.


Libbey Troyano Colors Shot Glass SetAlternately theseTroyanno Colors Shot Glasses by Libbey are helpful for those who tend to lose track of their libations. They're essentially identical to the Bormioli glasses, but without the shot line. The distinguishing feature is the colored glass at the bottom. A thin band of color is always visible, but depending on the angle of the vessel it can tint the entire glass.


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